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I'm Actually Working?!

2011-07-14 08:04:01 by Self-Insertion

So for my flash series, I've already written the script for the first episode, but I also know all the characters (for the First Arc I mean). All I need to do now is get all the lines recorded and then I can do the flash. Here's the complete list of characters so far:

Iain as Himself
Nick as Himself
Lane as Himself
- as Egam
- as Reltub
Eli as Himself
- as Helene
- as Lord Knight Brahn
- as Advisor Esther (I'm one of those people who prefer "adviser" spelled with an "o")
- as Knight Yggnasius
- as Squire Dmitri
- as Squire Charles
- as Page Quinn
Michael as Archer Michael

The only ones I need for the first episode are Iain through Eli, so I need to find people to play as Egam and Reltub. (by the way, if you haven't noticed, Egam is "mage" backwards and Reltub is "butler" backwards) I'll search out people, but if someone steps forward now, then that would be mighty dandy. I'm going to post (even though I'm not looking forward to this) a full size drawing of all the characters lined up and their separate bios.

I can't wait till this starts to go through!


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